AFMA’s Vendor

Verification Program

We ensure that verified vendors are only selling only what they produced. 

The Vendor Verification logo is your assurance that the Alberta Farmers’ Market Association has verified that what growers are selling is produced on their farms, producers are creating their value-added products and artisans are creating their unique arts and crafts here in Alberta.  Customers then know, they’re buying directly from the producer – and are doing their part to ensure the future of local agriculture and the local economy. 

Look for this new Vendor Verification Logo at market near you!

Eligibility Criteria

The Vendor Verification program certifies farmers’ market vendors selling products in three categories:

Primary Food Producers

These are the classic items most people expect to find at a farmers’ market: fresh, unprocessed fruit, vegetables, cut flowers, plants and nuts, honey, eggs, fresh or frozen meat and fish, herbs and mushrooms are all considered primary products.

Value Added Food Products

Value added products are raw products that have been modified or enhanced.   Some examples include fruits made into pies or jams, meats made into jerky, and tomatoes and peppers made into salsa.

Artisan / Craft

Artisan products are made by hand usually in small batches.   Some examples include craft items such as knitting, textiles, clothing, as well as photography, pottery, candles, soap, bath and body products, cleaning products and more.

Become a Verified Vendor!


Read the Quick Start Guide to learn about the requirements.

First,  join the Alberta Farmers’ Market Association.  You can do that from our website here

Already a member?  You can find the verification application in the member log-in section of our website here.  You will find the form at the bottom of the page.  

Verified vendors will receive a banner to display, a printable certificate, and digital files to promote their status. 

Applicants will be invoiced after the application is received.

Costs are as follows:

Low-Risk New Applications $125

Low-Risk Renewals $75

High-Risk $250*

*subject to additional fees if additional inspection time is required