Why We’re Verified: GIOIELLI TEA Co.

More and more farmers’ market vendors are getting verified through the AFMA vendor verification program.


We’re chatting with verified vendors to learn more about this new verification program and the impact it’s having on your favourite farmers’ market vendors.


We’d like to introduce verified vendor, Julia of GIOIELLI TEA Co. Julia took a lifelong passion for tea and turned it into a sustainable business that sells custom tea blends and tea accessories at markets around Edmonton and area.


Why did GIOIELLI TEA Co. become a verified vendor?

Being verified and staying verified gives our customers piece of mind when they shop at the market.

When a customer knows we have been fully transparent about our ingredients, processing methods, safety standards and more, they feel more comfortable about the tea they purchase. It allows them to make educated, informed decisions about what they buy at the market. I think the program will grow in time and will be a good standard to hold vendors to.


Why should your customers care that your business is verified?

I let our customers know that we are recognized in Alberta as an Organic Tea Crafter as our products are organic and made here in Alberta by us, GIOIELLI TEA Co. When customers shop at an Alberta farmers’ market, they want to buy and support local. When our customers see that we are verified, it is objective, demonstrated proof that we make and blend the tea we sell, right here in Alberta.


Why should other vendors get verified?

When customers see the verified logo at your market stall or on your products, it alleviates any concerns about whether they are buying and supporting local. Getting verified takes very little time and AFMA makes the process easy. It is a great way to grow your company and be more transparent in sharing more information about your ingredients, processes and farm or facility.