Why should a farmers’ market vendor be “verified”?

by | May 15, 2023 | News, Vendor Verification

When Albertans shop at a farmers’ market, they want to buy from local farmers, growers, producers and artists. They want to support the people that grow, bake and make their own products.

The Alberta Farmers’ Market Association is making it easier for Albertans to buy local with the new verified vendor logo.

When Albertans see the Verified Vendor logo online, on products or at a market stall, they can be confident that they are buying from the actual farmers, producers or artists.

Who can be a verified vendor?
The AFMA Verified Vendor program certifies farmers’ market vendors that sell products in three categories:

  • Primary food producers: fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, cut flowers, plants and nuts, honey, eggs, fresh or frozen meat and fish, herbs and mushrooms are all
    considered primary products.
  • Value added food products: Raw food products that have been modified or enhanced. Examples include pies, jams, salsa, jerky and more.
  • Artisan/craft: Made by hand, typically in small batches. Examples include knitting, clothing, photography, pottery, paintings, candles, soap and more.

Why would a vendor become verified?
There are many advantages to being a verified vendor:

  1. Becoming a verified vendor is a way to stand out from other market vendors, especially resellers.
  2. Being a verified vendor gives customers confidence that they are buying direct from a legitimate farmer or business.
  3. Verified vendors are profiled on the AFMA website, where market shoppers can learn more about all verified vendors and their products.

Vendors who are verified can use the AFMA “verified vendor” logo on display at their market stall, on their website, in their social media marketing, or even as a part of the label on their

How to become verified vendor

It’s as simple as filling out the application and in a short period of time, a
vendor will be confirmed as being verified by AFMA.