FAQ: Labelling Requirements Food

What are the labelling requirements for food vendors?

All pre-packaged food products, regardless of where they are sold, are subject to the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act, enforced by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  All products must be labelled with the following:

  • Common name of product
  • Net quantity
  • List of ingredients in descending order (including food allergens)
  • Durable life date, if 90 days or less
  • Storage instructions, if required
  • Name and address of person making the product (including postal code)
  • Allergens
  • Nutrition fact table – unless exempt
  • Bilingual labelling – unless exempt

It is not sufficient to simply have the ingredient list available.  Ingredients must be part of the product label.

On August 4, 2012, changes to allergen labelling came into effect.  Inspectors from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency did a webinar last June. To view, click here.

Nutrition labelling is not required for most foods sold at farmers’ markets.  However, there are foods which do not receive this exemption regardless of where they are sold. Meat is a common exception.

For more information on food and nutrition labelling as well as exemptions, use the Guide to Food Labelling and Advertising found online. 

For additional information, contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Imported and Manufactured Food Division at:

780-495-7023 (Edmonton) or 403-292-4650 (Calgary)

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