Duuo Insurance for Vendors

by | May 8, 2024 | News

Vendor Insurance Coverage

Please note: to qualify for vendor insurance you must be a member of AFMA who sells at an Approved Alberta Farmers’ Market.
As vendors are not covered under the market’s group policy, it is strongly recommended that vendors carry their own liability insurance. Vendors should call their insurance agents to find out what level of coverage is right for them.

Vendor Insurance Options!

Flexible insurance packages from Duuo. 

Known for their short-term policies, covering one to four days at any given market, Duuo has expanded their offering to include long-term packages designed to cover vendors for up to 150 days, and expanded their coverage options to include protection for vendors selling items like bath products.

Duuo provides a range of insurance packages designed exclusively for AFMA vendor-members. Starting with short-term options covering your first one, four, or ten days at any given market, Duuo also provides long-term packages designed to cover vendors for up to either 26 days or 150 days.

Duuo covers vendors selling a range of products, including soaps, skin care products, local produce, crafts, and more! Through their platform, vendor-members can purchase coverage in just a few clicks, without having to worry about service or cancellation fees.

Packages start at just $12 for a one-day policy, with a 150-day policy averaging out to just $1.25 a day!


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