What’s in Season When?

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Uncategorized

Alberta’s growing season is relatively short, so to take advantage of local fruits and vegetables, it’s wise to plan ahead.

July to October is generally considered Alberta’s harvest season, but with greenhouse growers, cold storage, canning and freezing, it’s easy to extend the growing season and make Alberta fruits and vegetables available for eating year-round.

The following list outlines the most readily available fruits and vegetables in Alberta. These are the best times to look for them in a farmers’ market, pick them at a U-pick, buy them at the farm gate or ask for them at your local grocery store.


Produce                                              Available

Apples                                                 Mid-July through October

Asian pears                                         August through October

Asparagus                                           May and June

Beans                                                  July through September

Blackberries                                        Mid-July through August

Beets                                                   July through mid-October

Blueberries                                         Mid-July through August

Broccoli                                               June through mid-October

Brussel sprouts                                  September through November

Cabbage                                              July through November

Cantaloupe                                         July through September

Celery                                                  July and August

Carrots                                                  July through November

Cherries                                              June and July

Christmas trees                                  December

Cucumber                                           July through September

Eggplant                                              July through September

Gooseberries                                      July and August

Greens                                                June through October

Herbs                                                  June through October

Nectarines                                          July and August

Pears                                                   August to mid-October

Peas                                                    July and August

Peppers                                               July through September

Potatoes                                             June to mid-October

Raspberries                                        mid-July through August

Rhubarb                                              June through August

Pumpkins                                            September and October

Summer squash                                 July through September

Winter squash                                      August through October

Saskatoons                                         Mid-July through August

Strawberries                                       July and August

Sweet corn                                          Mid-August through September

Tomatoes                                           July through September

Wild mushrooms                               Spring through fall