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About Sweet Gypsy Bespoke Chocolate

We are a small batch peanut/nut free and gluten free chocolatier hand blending, dipping and moulding everything we create. Our chocolate is derived from Fino de Aroma cocoa beans, the highest classification of beans in the world. We exclusively use Luker Chocolate from Colombia, a family company that has been a social and ethically responsible leader since 1962.  We pride ourselves on having fun flavours and playful shapes without compromising on quality. 

Verified Product List
  • Sweet Gypsy Bespoke Chocolate Bars List 50 g Bars Milk Chocolate Badger’s Best 41% Peppermint Blood Orange Milk in My Coffee Salted Hibiscus Jelly Bean Preztel Potato Chip Unicorn Cake Salted Diablo Strawberry Key Lime Ginger Chai Candy Cane Maple Pumpkin Pie Strawberry Key Lime Raspberry Lemonade Pip’s Mallow Crisp Coffee Rum Crunch Dark Chocolate 70% Dark Side Peppermint Salted Diablo Oak Smoked Sea Salt Blood Orange Espresso Turkish Chili Unicorn Cake Raspberry Crunch Gummy Bear Crispy Crunch Mojito Lemon Lavender Key Lime & Toasted Coconut Apple Pie Cherry Christmas (Oct-Dec) Candy Cane (Oct-Dec) Black Forest (Limited Run) Lemon Lavender Whiskey in My Coffee Strawberry Rose White Chocolate Lemon Blueberry Cookies & Cream Raspberry Salted Matcha Tea Strawberry Tangerine Dream Earl Grey Cream Tea Unicorn Cake Caramel Latte Caramelised White Alice’s “Eat Me” Cake Summer Melon Creme de Menthe Candy Cane Egg Nog Pumpkin Pie Caramel Apple Pie 85 % Dark Chocolate 40 g Plain 85% Tumaco Espresso Raspberry Crunch Oak Smoked Sea Salt Cherry Gin Lemon Lavender Sugar Free Dark Chocolate 40 g Coffee Peppermint Blood Orange Plain Raspberry Mojito Sugar Free Milk Chocolate 40 g Plain Peppermint Blood Orange Raspberry Lemonade Milk in My Coffee Gingerbread Chai Oat Milk Chocolate Coffee Cookies (GF) Gingerbread Chai Maple Rum Crunch Raspberry Lemonade Salted Hibiscus Oat White Chocolate Egg Nog (Oct-Dec) Finn’s Cookie & Cream Lemon Blueberry Rootbeer Crunch Strawberry Mojito Vanilla Earl Grey 60g Caramel Filled Bars MC Plain MC Salted DC Plain DC Smoked Salted DC Raspberry MC Gingerbread Boxed Chocolates 16 pc Classic Sampler 16 pc Merry Sampler 16 pc Merry No Dairy Sampler 16 pc Merry Sugar Free Sampler 16 pc Decadent Sampler 16 pc Vegan Sampler 16 pc Sugar Free Sampler Advent Calendar Vegan Advent Calendar Sugar Free Advent Calendar Dipped/Covered Fruit DC Orange Peel DC Orange Slices DC Ginger DC Mango MC Ginger MC Mango Celebration Lollies MC DC WC MC Hockey Lollies MC Millennium Falcon DC Millennium Falcon MC Han DC Han Candy Cane Lollies MC DC WC Dipped/Covered Candy DC Black Licorice Scotties 6pcs DC Red Licorice Scotties 6pcs DC Sour Soothers 2 pcs LEGO & Fun Shapes LEGO MC 6pc Mini Figures MC Figures & Bricks (3 mini figures, 4 bricks) DC 6 pc Mini Figures DC Figures & Bricks (3 mini figures, 4 bricks) MC Dr. Who Set (TARDIS & Dalek) DC Dr. Who Set (TARDIS & Dalek) DC Peppermint Spoon MC Cowboy Hat MC Stampede Breakfast Cowboy Hat MC Frog MC Robot MC Gingerbread Person DC Gingerbread Person MC Darth Vader Head DC Darth Vader Head WC Darth Vader Head


WHOLESALE ITEMS: Chocolate Bars, Boxed Chocolate Samplers, Custom Work
PHONE: 403 919 8776
EMAIL: thesweetgypsy@outlook.com
WEBSITE: https://www.sweetgypsychocolates.ca

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