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  • (Our B.C FARM) Apples- Sunrise, Transparent, Gala, Ambrosia, Mac, Spartan, Pinklady, Honey Crisp, Granny, Red Del, Gold Del Pears- Bartlett, Confrance, Abat, Bosc, Deanjo, Harrow Crisp, Aurora Cherries- Rainier, Queen Ann (white cherries) Early and late Peaches- Early and late Plums- Gold, Prune, Santa Rosa, June Blood, Dampson, Black Amber, Friyer Elephant Heart, Nectarties- Early and late Apricots- Early and late Grapes- Concord, Coronation
  • (Alberta Farm) Garlic- Elephant ear, Russian purple Onions- Yellow Sweet, Red, White Zucchini Green, Yellow, Eight ball Beans Green, Yellow


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