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We belong to our community Calgary, and I provide fresh superfood food to our people. We bring the greatest Microgreens in the world to our community. We grow them with a lot of care by using organic soil and organic seed, without any use of fertilizer or chemicals, just water, music, and love.
Knowing that microgreens are delicate and they lose their precious nutrients easily and quickly after harvest, we invented (2 years ago) the ''On-site harvesting'' concept. We bring our trays alive and we harvest them for our clients so fresh on-site. Now, many other microgreens vendors are copying this concept, which is great for our people. inspired by providing high-quality fresh food, we are upgrading our way of providing our microgreens. Indeed, we will give our microgreens ALIVE not harvested on-site. I mean the client will be able to take home different sizes of microgreens trays and harvest them in their kitchen every time they need some. People in our community will get the best fresh microgreens ever and get 100% of the precious nutrients in their bodies. Healthy people make a Healthy Community.


WHOLESALE ITEMS: Arugula, Red Cabbage, Kohlrabi, Bok choi, Kale, Mustard, radish, Broccoli, Sunflower, and Sweet Pea.
PHONE: (403) 918-4348

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