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Hoodies, joggers, dresses, beanies, booties, bibs and more! Active gear for active kids. What started out as a hobby making clothing for her grandchildren, led to Cheryl and her husband Bruce selling their line of children’s active wear at local farmers’ markets. “We have always been farmers’ market shoppers, and now that we’re retired, selling our clothing at the market was a natural transition.” Lavender Moon Kids clothing is handmade in Red Deer, using quality fabrics sourced from Canadian online retailers. The end results are long lasting, environmentally friendly durable garments. Lavender Moon Kids offers both standard and grow-with-me sizes from Newborn to size 12, and offers one of a kind and limited edition clothing. “We guarantee your little person will not only have clothing they can wear for a while, but they will also stand out from the crowd!”


WHOLESALE ITEMS: Children’s clothing and accessories
PHONE: (403) 352-0694

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