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Irvings Farm Fresh is a small-scale pork producer specializing in free range Berkshire Pork. They operate a modern meat processing facility located on the farm near Camrose, producing a full range of artisanal pork products from both home raised and other local pork. All of Irvings’ products are made from scratch in an allergen friendly facility, using only simple fresh ingredients, and using traditional production methods. Having grown up in the UK, the Irvings’ offer a taste of home for British ex pat customers, and a promise that they will provide ‘pork to make every meal amazing!’ Irvings’ pork products are proudly served on the menu at many great restaurants and are available for purchase at several Farmers' Markets and independent retailers across Alberta. In 2022 we started working with our neighbors Nahirniak Farms. They raise beef a short distance from our farm, approx 4 miles East of Round Hill. Their cattle are raised slowly, spending most of their life grazing pastures, or eating hay in the winter. The Nahirniak family use regenerative practices, using the cows to improve the quality of the land. The cows are raised without the use of added hormones and antibiotics, and live a contented, stress-free life. We are working with the family to source beef, which are then humanely slaughtered and inspected in a Provincial facility (same place we take our pigs). Once they have aged, we bring the meat back to our facility for further cutting and processing. Beef products are available at select markets, and for ordering on our website.

Verified Product List
  • Berkshire Pork cuts - any / all cuts possible, including ground pork Bacon - Side bacon, back bacon, jalapeno bacon, bacon ends, bacon chops, Ham - Bone in smoked / unsmoked, Boneless ham, raw and fully cooked, ham steaks. Fresh sausages - Cumberland, Lincolnshire, Leek, Maple, Breakfast, Italian, Chorizo, Sundried Tomato Basil, Bratwurst, plus monthly feature sausages (varieties change monthly). Smoked sausages - Smokies, Mennonite, Ham Dill, Ham Garlic, Snack Sticks. Sausagemeats - Sage & Onion, Cranapplesage & Onion Cumberland Patties, Pulled Pork Burgers Seasoned Pulled Pork (raw) Black Pudding, White Pudding, Lorne Sausage. Sausage Rolls, Melton Mowbray style pork pie. Beef products - all fresh cuts, plus ground beef, beef breakfast sausage, beef burgers.


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