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Salsas, sauces, dressing, jellies and more – all made from locally grown produce. When Carmen was in high school, she discovered she loved growing tomato plants. She never wanted to waste anything she grew so she started to make salsa. Her passion compelled her to start her own little greenhouse which quickly expanded and led to growing tomatoes, cucumbers and beans. Fast forward to today and Carmen is a part of the co-operative of five family farms that make up Innisfail Growers, which has allowed her to focus solely on making her preserves in her commercial kitchen west of Bowden. “Zucchini salsa, traditional salsa, pizza sauce, roasted tomato vinaigrette, crab apply jelly, and a highly addictive caramel popcorn – every batch we make is tested to make sure it’s perfect. My three kids and I love the entire process, from making our products to seeing who buys it at the farmers’ market. Every aspect is very rewarding.”


PHONE: (403) 559-9790
EMAIL: hillsidegreenhouses@live.ca

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