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I’m Hélène Giguère. I go by HeleneG Arts & Crafts / Art & Artisanat. Renewing with the textile crafts of my youth, I have taken up weaving with the Cercle des fermières of my hometown, Sainte-Aurélie, Québec, in 2016. I live in Edmonton. I continue to work and study with other weaving guilds and individuals. I’m part of the Edmonton Weaver’s Guild. I lead the Rigid Heddle Loom Study Group. I have also started my Master Weaver Program at Olds College in Alberta. I return to my hometown guild every year to weave queen size ‘’catalognes’’ on the 100’’ wide loom and to help them in any way I can. In 2023, I was able to impart knowledge to 2 of my nieces and their daughters, 3 in all. My Handwoven Products are Original, Unique, One-of-a-Kind.


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