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About Heaven Scent Body Naturals & Eden Edibles

Heaven Scent Body Naturals: 98% natural body products that are vegan-certified paraben, pthalate and detergent-free. Hand-crafted using only organic premium ingredients.
Eden Edibles: Healthful organic, whole and simple foods. Fresh, freeze-dried, canned, baked and prepared with love.

Verified Product List
  • Jamaican Patties (chicken, veggie), Freeze-Dried Fruits and Veggies, Bakes Loaves, Coffee/Hot Chocolate (with coconut milk) by the cup, Fruit Punch and Lemonade (by the bottle), Raw Honey from our own honeybees located in Sturgeon County, AB, Fresh Produce grown in our greenhouses, granola mixes, nut blends.
  • Natural body products (all registered with Health Canada)bar soap, body wash, shower gel, baby wash/shampoo, solid lotion bars, body oil spritz, beard oil, natural deodorant, eczema/psoriasis salve, shampoo & conditioner bars, doggie shampoo/conditioner bars, bath salts, bubble bath, bath bombs, shower steamers, whipped body butter, natural bug repellant, lip balm


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