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I was raised in Kazakhstan. In 2005 my family immigrated to Canada. I found myself without a job two years ago; it was a hit to my ego and identity. My three best friends, three German shepherds, Coda, Frank and Simon saved me in that hard time. Because of them we moved from Calgary into small forest near Bragg Creek. To my own sudden surprise, I decided to get goats.

Goats have changed my entire world!

I am in love with my goats! They are a gentle, intelligent, fantastic creatures that I love wholeheartedly! From their milk I started to make cheese, butter and sour cream. Eventually I started to make soap from the goat milk. The soaps are a success and I love the product. Currently I am studying for my soap maker diploma in Centre of Excellence (England) and home spa school (USA). I have just recently turned my hobby into my small business. I love my soaps. Each soap is a special story and a child for me! I will make the post about all my goat milk products!


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