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  • assort shortbread cookies and squares, Oatmeal date cookies, Oatmeal Jamjam cookies, coconut cookies, ricekrispie squares, puffwheat squares, butter tarts, pumpkin tarts, peacan squares, twix cookies, assort chocolate cookies, peanut butter confetti bars, brownies, nanimo bars, ginger cookies,fluffernutter cookies, sugar cookies, peacan bars,lemon bars and cookies, orange cookies, snicker doodle cookies, choc chip, dipped pretzel sticks, skor bar squares / Assorted Hot/Cold Pads such as: Neck, Back, Eye, Keyboard/mouse pads, FLANimals, Lavender Bags, Rag Quilts, Dog Matts, Mug Matts, Pot Holders, Coffee Jackets, Hot Pads, Microwave Potato Bags, Bowl Cozies, Door Stoppers, Door Draft Guards, Christmas Tree Skirts, Christmas Stockings, Baby Burp Pads, Baby Change Pads, Taggy Blankets

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