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About Cian’s Mustard

A story spread with mustard started when Colin, Colina’s father began making mustard more than 30 years ago. It grew beyond their table and home when Cian, Colina and Cameron's son, favourite snack was mustard sandwiches made with Grandpa’s mustard. As Colina says ‘life handed them lemons so they made mustard’ and the four mustateeers were created. Cian's Mustard offers a variety of prepared mustards, going beyond ordinary with quality ingredients and elevating flavours to create a mustard for every occasion. A three generation family business in southern Alberta, connecting others through the moments shared with mustard. There are many flavours to choose from: original, medium, hot, maple, honey, beer mustard and more.


WHOLESALE ITEMS: Prepared mustards
PHONE: 403 312 2708

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