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Our philosophy is GARDEN TO JAR! 1904 Farm Family Faves started when we wanted to do more with our garden. Nicole grew up on a family farm and learned to appreciate growing her own food. The family farm has been in Nicole's family since 1904, and Nicole & Julio plan on continuing that tradition. We are a small, family driven business that is slowly growing as we broaden our product line and what we're able to grow or source locally. We strongly believe in farm to jar for as much of our product as possible. We grow 90-95% of our own product on the family farm in Sturgeon County. What we can't grow, we source from other local farms or get from trusted sources such as B.C. Fruit stands in the summer months. We don't use chemicals or pesticides on any of our produce and source from other farms with similar mentalities. We don't use nuts in any of our products as we ourselves have allergies in our family and we can't have them in our home.

Verified Product List
  • Jams: - Romance (Cherry, Berry & Merlot) Jam - Sweet Temptation (Chocolate Raspberry Jam) - Plumfection (Plum) Jam - Cherrylicious (Cherry Jam) - Passion (Chocolate Cherry Jam) - Rhuberry (Strawberry Rhubarb) Jam - Sweet Red (Strawberry Jam) - Razzleberry (Raspberry) Jam - Prairie Pride (Haskap) Jam - Holiday Jam - Blueberry Dream Jam - Peachy Keen (Peach) Jam - Sweet Apple Pie Jam - Saskalicious (Saskatoon) Jam - Hawaiian Heat (Pineapple Jalapeno) Jam - Heavenly (Strawberry Chocolate) Jam - Bumbleberry Jam - Mango Pineapple Jam - Carrot Cake Jam - Honey Lemon Marmalade - Citrus Trio Marmalade - Orange Zucchini Marmalade - Rhubarb Jam - Tomato Jam - Apricot Jam - Blueberry Mojito Jam** - Apricot Bourbon Jam** - Pina Colada Jam** - Raspberry Rhubarb Jam Jellies: - Kiss Me Not (Garlic) Jelly - Spitfire (Spicy Pepper) Jelly - Sassy (Sweet & Spicy Pepper) Jelly - Sweetie (Sweet Pepper) Jelly - Ja-Ja-Jalapeño Jelly - Crabapple Jelly - Apple Jelly - Cranberry Jelly - Pink Lemonade Jelly - Guava Jelly - Rhubarb Vanilla Jelly - Apricot Habanero jelly - Blushin’ Bubbles (Raspberry & sparkling wine) - Apple Chai Butter** - Strawberry Wine Jelly** - Cranberry Jelly** - Concord Grape Jelly** Fruit butters - Apple Butter - Drunken Apple Butter** - Drunken Peach Butter** - Pear Butter** - Drunken Pear Butter** Pickles/Salsas/Relishes: - Dill Pickle Chips (great for sandwiches) - Pickled Jalapeños - Pickled Carrots/Spicy Carrots - Cowboy Candy - Bread & Butter Pickles - Spicy Pepper Rings - Red Salsa (Mild & Spicy) - Salsa Verde (Tomatillo Salsa) - Dilly Beans/Spicy Beans - Pickled Asparagus - Pickled Beets - Swiss Chard Relish - Mustard Pickle Relish - Mustard Bean Pickles - Chili Sauce - Jalapeno Relish - Green cucumber relish - Green tomato relish/ChowChow - Zucchini Relish - Whole Dill Pickles - Rhubarb Relish - Cranberry Salsa - Spicy Cucumber Relish** Jams, Jellies & Pickles would not all be available at one time (depends on season and availability of product to make said preserves)


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