9 Things to do During Local Food Week

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

  1. Open Farm Days. Get out of the city and visit your rural neighbours. Open Farm Days runs in conjunction with Local Food Week and offers you and your family the chance to visit different working farms, where you can meet the farmer and learn more about where your food comes from. Learn more about what farms you can tour.


  1. Visit a farmers’ market. There are 96 different farmers’ markets across Alberta. Find a new market that you haven’t been to before, pack your shopping bag, chat up the farmers and vendors, and find some new, great food products. Find a new farmers’ market to try.


  1. Alberta on the Plate. This new province-wide culinary festival features restaurants offering multi-course, fixed price menus highlighting local producers, growers, distillers and brewers. Find a restaurant that’s involved!


  1. Pick a U-Pick. There are over 100 different U-pick fruit and vegetable farms across Alberta. Pick your favourite fruit or vegetable, check out this helpful blog post to find a u-pick farm near you, hop in the car and get ready to get more hands on with your food.


  1. Be a local food champion! Share how you support Alberta local food on social media, using the hashtag, #ablocalfood. A well-placed tweet, post or story spreads the word and helps a local producer’s or restaurant’s bottom line.


  1. Attend events celebrating Local Food Week. To mark this special week, there are a number of special events and celebrations planned at farms and farmers’ markets across Alberta. We’ve got all the details on what’s happening where!


  1. Visit a local craft brewer, cidery or distiller. Alberta is exploding with new craft brewers, distillers and cider makers, giving you lots of local choices when it comes to your favourite cold beverage. Google options in your area and pay them a visit.


  1. Dining out? Choose a restaurant that supports local producers. There are many great restaurants in our province, but not all of them make an effort to source ingredients from local producers. Check websites and social media and find a restaurant that loves Alberta food like you do.


  1. Bring Alberta into your kitchen. During this week, make an extra effort to find and buy Alberta made food products, and incorporate them into your meals and snacks.